Client Testimonials

Jonathan is an incredibly knowledgeable behavioral trainer. He was able to help me better understand how my dog thinks and gave me the tools to communicate with my dog better than ever before!


Dan Olson


My family had a good laugh when Jonathan asked us if our Boston Terrier could respond to commands like sit or down. We didn’t think Mochi had it in him. But after one session with Jonathan, our puppy was on his way to becoming a model citizen. After three sessions he knows all of the basic commands, walks well on a leash, and is a real asset to the family. We could not have done it without Jonathan and we recommend him highly.


Laurel Berry


Jonathan worked wonders with my family’s 2 lab puppies. They were 8 months old and wild when Jonathan first met them. They were terrible on leashes and didn’t listen at all. They spent 2 weeks with Jonathan and the difference was incredible. They calmly walked on leashes, listened to and followed commands and were overall much calmer. Nothing short of a miracle.  Jonathan is a gentle and loving teacher who I’d trust with any fur baby.


Jennifer Krulaci


Really nice guy! Explains very thoroughly why he is doing what he is doing while training. After the second time he came to train, there was a dramatic improvement in the dog's behavior. I would definitely recommend to anybody needing help with their dog training.


Right Now Randy


In only three sessions my 55 lb beagle mix went from a highly territorial aggressive dog to a friendly door greeter. Jonathan teaches you how to train your dog which ensures that once the sessions are over, you can control your dog instead of him resorting back to his bad habits. I highly recommend Jonathan for anybody looking for a permanent solution to problem dogs.


Connor Davis


Jonathan is the best trainer for your fur babies. He is patient with the dog and owners. He will answer any questions you have if you text him. He's been such an effect on all our dogs we consider him a friend. He is worth every penny.


Stephanie Clemons


Had the privilege of Jonathan coming into our home to help us with our 1yr old dog who is very energetic and 'scent driven'. He was masterful in how he interacted with our dog - his grasp of canine behavior and psychology is pretty amazing.  He was able to give us an understanding and tools to correct some unhelpful habits our dog has picked up. Just understanding what's happening in the dog's mind and having simple methods to follow made an almost immediate change in our dog's behavior.  Now two months on we're in a new place. Thank you, Jonathan!


Jeremy Trentham


We love working with Johnathan to train our service dog! He is fabulous with our German Shepherd puppy so much so that as soon as the pup sees him he cannot wait to get his loves before he starts working!!! I would highly recommend Johnathon to anyone looking for guidance on training with any pup!!!


Raymie Needham


We purchased a Bernedoodle puppy after owning Golden Retrievers for many years. He was (in our opinion) a wild puppy. We had never seen or heard of ‘puppy crazy’ but we experienced it daily. We loved our puppy but hated his behavior. We took him to regular puppy classes. He learned to sit and stay. After the 6 weeks of classes were over, we realized we had not addressed our issues with our new puppy. 

We contacted Jonathan Washko (recommended by another trainer) and scheduled an appointment. We have not looked back. Our crazy Bernedoodle’s behavior has now turned into our loving pet. He’s part of our family, we couldn’t love him anymore, and he is truly a blessing.

I would never believe I would be writing this review saying how great our beautiful Bernedoodle puppy is now. Jonathan taught US how to deal with HIM. What we learned is HE was dealing with US.

Jonathan's instruction was amazing….at the time, I honestly wondered if it would work. It definitely DID. I would recommend Jonathan to anyone that has any issues with their puppy/dog. We experienced first hand how he was respected by our dog from the minute he walked in the door. Jonathan worked so well with our Bernedoodle who is now our perfect boy, that we bought another! Yes, we did.




Jonathan's Board-and-Train service drastically improved the dynamic of our home! We adopted two puppies in the Fall of 2020 and didn’t contemplate the strange impact quarantine would have on our dogs’ socialization skills during that formative period. 

Any stimuli (e.g. seeing people and dogs outside, taking a walk, riding in the car, visitors in the home) would invoke barking, over-excitement, and often nervousness. The two-week intensive training option in Jonathan’s home was exactly what our 3-year-old Whippet and Poodle needed to jump-start their learning plan.  

Jonathan was able to tailor his interactions to each of the dog’s personalities, making the most of the training engagement. The boys returned home with basic obedience skills, great leash manners, and an ability to stay calm in a variety of situations that led to anxiety before. Jonathan also helped modify behaviors with scenarios specific to our home - going slowly down the stairs, for example. 

The people training portion of the plan has also been wonderful. Jonathan has given us the tools and information needed to practice and reinforce everything the boys learned during their board-and-train adventure.  

Merrill Berry


Jonathan was the kindest trainer. You can easily appreciate his passion for the profession. He provided me with all the tools needed to help my Aussiedoodle pup excel and be the best dog ever. Professional, friendly, warm and engaging are just a few characteristics that make Jon stand out. I would, hands down, highly recommend his services for your fur baby.


Tonia Saluga


Jonathan is amazing! He has done wonders with our unruly Samoyed puppy. He obviously cares so much about dogs and our puppy is always very happy to see him. I would highly recommend Jonathan’s dog training services.


Amanda Oricio


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