Meet your dog training team

Jonathan Washko


As a certified behavioral trainer, my goal is to provide you and your dog the ultimate bond that lasts a lifetime. Training and working with dogs is a passion of mine. I have been training dogs since 2011 and I cannot imagine doing anything else.

I'll give you the knowledge of how your dog communicates and how to effectively gain a leadership role. I specialize in aggression, separation anxiety, leash reactivity, fearful and shy dogs. It is important to have a balanced approach to training and working with a dog regardless of the behaviors they display.

My methodology consists of positive reinforcement and behavioral remodification only. I do not integrate any dominance or painful methods when training a dog because it can lead to fearfulness, aggression and other behavioral issues.

Communication is the key component in achieving the bond that most are unable to have with their dog. I'll show you how to connect with the dog on a level that they understand, build trust with them, communicate and establish a leadership role.

Raymie Needham


I am a stay at home mom, I take care of my daughter with special needs who needed a service dog — that’s how I met Jonathan.

Roughly two years ago I began working with Jonathan to train our German Shepard named Gaylin. He now is the best dog for my daughter and a fantastic member of our family.

I began helping Jonathan, as needed, but now I assist him full-time with scheduling clients and taking phone calls. I enjoy knowing that I can now be a part in helping him make a difference in those in need, as he did for me.

Call or text me to get started!

(513) 815-6623
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