Dog behaviors can change.

Communication is the key to changing your dog's behavior.


In-Home Training

This is a primary staple of my business. Most dog behavioral issues occur within their environments. Thus, we must work in those environments to create and implement a behavioral remodification plan that is specific to you and your dog(s). Many behaviors that dogs display are due to their environment and interactions with other dogs, people, etc.

Behavioral Remodification

Any behavioral issues your dog is displaying such as excessive barking, jumping, counter surfing, digging, greeting people at the door, and more. I come in and work with your dog(s) in their environment and use positive reinforcement with a balanced approach to resolve the issues. I focus on targeting the root cause of the behavior.

Aggressive Dog Training

I work with aggression of all types. Many potential motivators could be triggering these aggressive tendencies. I come to your home and work in your environment and identified the underlying cause of the behavior(s). I design a behavioral plan specific to your needs so you can resolve the issues you're experiencing.

Fearful and Shy Dogs

These types of dogs are another specialty of mine. When working with these behaviors it is key to work in the home first, establish a solid foundation and behavioral plan. Dogs who are fearful and shy need to be treated with the utmost care. Positive reinforcement is crucial for these behaviors in addition to specific techniques and desensitizing methods are implemented.

Board and Train

This package is a 2-3 week training period. I take your dog and train them all of the basics such as "sit", "down", "stay", "wait", "come", "leave it", and any additional commands you may want to be added, like leash walking. Once the training is complete, I deliver and teach you the commands and everything necessary to maintain the highest level of training.

Off-Leash Training

This is a 2-3 week training period where the dog is in my care for the course of time it takes to train the dog completely off-leash. This program includes all the basic commands such as "sit", "down", "stay", "come", "wait", "leave it", and more advanced commands. This training program is specific to dogs who will run off and not return to you on command. All of the basics are taught on and off-leash while having more advanced commands added in such as "by me", recall with high-level distractions, distance commands. 

Once the dog is trained completely off-leash, I return the dog to you fully trained. I explain in-depth how to transfer the leadership role over to you and how to maintain the quality of training. Also, I will teach you how to tap into the pack mentality in order to establish a leadership role and gain a stronger bond with your dog.

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